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Hengli has been earning customer confidence and trust through innovation since 1990
  • Hydraulic cylindersWe have 25 years experience of hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and providing sophisticated transmission solutions.
  • Hydraulic pumpsOur hydraulic pumps have great suction capacity and have many control mode options. Hengli's pumps also have less pulsation and noise.
  • Main control valvesThere are many compound functions to choose with the main control valve which can be operated accurately. Less pressure loss makes it efficient.
  • Industrial valvesThey are applicable to the operation of various machinery and critical environment. Our industrial valves are reliable and safe.
  • Hydraulic systemsThe hydraulic system can be operated manually or automatically with visual interface and is precisely controlled by software.

Welcome to Hengli>

The American subsidiary office in Chicago was founded in 2012 to enhance Hengli's global sales, engineering and support network. We craft world class cylinders to help our customers meet their quality and cost goals. We develop new products and system solutions based on customer feedback, and we deliver dependable quality and service. We are a leading hydraulic system supplier.

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All of our products come with industry leading lead times. We look forward to working with you on your project. For further information please contact 630-995-3674 or [email protected]
Service Centers
In addition to our direct sales professionals we have developed effective and skilled partners in distribution, please see our Partner's page.