Company Profile

30 years focusing on innovation, Hengli Hydraulic (stock code 601100) has reached the forefront of the world’s hydraulic industry in terms of both production scale and technical level. Meanwhile Hengli is now a widely recognized benchmarking enterprise in the domestic hydraulic industry. Headquartered in Changzhou, Hengli has founded four hydraulic R&D centers in China, Germany, the United States and Japan, and eight manufacturing bases worldwide.
The even stronger Hengli. After the acquisition of Shanghai Lixin Hydraulics and Hawe InLine Hydraulik GmbH, the establishment of a high-precision foundry and a pump & valve factory, Hengli has mastered the key of developing and manufacturing more advanced hydraulic transmission and control components to supply high-pressure cylinders, hydraulic pump valves, motors, precision castings, pneumatic components, and the complete hydraulic system. Well sold in over 20 countries and regions, the products are widely applied in various fields as engineering vehicles, port vessels, mining machinery, tunnel machinery, metallurgy machinery and industrial manufacturing industries.
Hengli is committed to providing customers with efficient hydraulic technology solutions and products, maintaining strong partnerships with customers, and leading the development of China’s hydraulic industry. Through more scientific solutions, Hengli aims to make more contributions to the sustainable development of society, the construction of green cities and building a better future.

Our Honors

By virtue of excellent R&D capabilities, products and services, Hengli has made great contributions to China’s hydraulic industry, and has thus won the support and recognition of the government and industry, and earned the favor and trust of well-known customers. Honored with 2008 China Top 50 Engineering Machinery Products of the Year, Hengli is one of the first units listed in the High-end Engineering Machinery Hydraulic Components and Systems Industrialization Collaboration Platform built by the Ministry of Industry and Information. Hengli has been further certified by Caterpillar 2014 & 2015 Supplier Quality Excellence Process, and awarded with 2015 China’s Most Influential Hydraulic System Brand in the Engineering Machinery Industry.

Manufacturing Base

In the years of solid and steady development, Hengli has been established HDC pneumatic, HDC cylinder, HDC casting, HDC hydraulic four major industrial manufacturing bases. In order to meet the development of the global market, and successively Acquisition of Shanghai Lixin Hydraulic, Harvey InLine hydraulic and other brand enterprises;Step by step constructionFormed China, the United States, Germany, Japan for the manufacture and distribution of the network,Radiating more than 20 countries and regions of the huge and efficient network, constantly providing integrated and efficient services for global customers.

Hengli Hydraulic India System Solutions Pvt Ltd
Hengli Hydraulic India Private Limited is an important part of Hengli's global deployment.
Hydraulic cylinder manufacturing base
Started as Hengli High Pressure Oil Cy....
Hydraulic pump, valve, hydraulic system manufacturing base
Founded in 2013 with a total area of 400,000m2. Specialized in R&D and manufacturing of hydraulic components like high-pressure piston pumps, motors, valves and hydraulic systems for various industries.
Industrial valve manufacturing base
Founded in 1967, Lixin Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is one of China’s earliest hydraulic component and system manufacturers.
Heavy duty piston pump manufacturing base
InLine Hydraulik is the inventor of the piston pump torque controller. InLine always aims at promote the piston pump development through innovation.
Hengli Casting
To meet the quality and capacity demand of castings for highpressure oil cylinders and hydraulic pumps and valves, Hengli Casting Business Unit was established in 2012.
Hengli America
America is the first overseas market that Hengli has chosen to establish a sales company, and an integral part for the expansion of the American market.
Hengli Japan
One of the first overseas subsidiaries of Hengli, Hengli Japan is engaged in marketing and after-sales technical support of oil cylinders, hydraulic pumps and valves, and other hydraulic systems and precision castings.
Hengli Fluid
Founded in 1990, Changzhou Hengli Fluid Technology offers pneumatic components in several thousand varieties, one hundred series and twenty eight categories.
Engineering Technology Research Center
Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center for Miniaturization and Lightweight Design of Ultra-high Pressure Oil Cylinders