Hengli America
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America is the first overseas market that Hengli has chosen to establish a sales company, and an integral part for the expansion of the American market. Established in 2012, Hengli America is to establish and improve the global supply chain system and marketing system, and continuously reduce costs to be shared by our customers. Developing new products and system solutions as per customer demands and providing reliable quality and best services, we are committed to building a globally leading integrated service provider of hydraulic systems.
To meet the demand of the American market, we have adequate hydraulic components in stock in our Chicago warehouse for fast, economic supply.。
Developing a more extensive and complete distributor network in the United States, we will be able to send specialized hydraulic engineers as required to provide customers with value-added services.
Please feel free to contact us at 630-995-3674 for more information.
Website: www.hengliamerica.com