Hydraulic pump, valve, hydraulic system manufacturing base
Source: Hengli Time: 2017-10-28 Read:3787

Founded in 2013 with a total area of 400,000m2. Specialized in R&D and manufacturing of hydraulic components like high-pressure piston pumps, motors, valves and hydraulic systems for various industries.
The company has a R & D team of hydraulic experts from Germany and Japan. It adopts a scientific and rigorous production management system, a world-class CNC machining center, FMS automated production lines and grinding machines, and high-precision, high-performance inspection and testing equipment. At present, it mainly produces high-performance hydraulic multi-way valves, plunger pumps and motors for mobile machinery such as excavators, pile machinery, ascending vehicles, cranes, etc., which has comfortable control, high efficiency, and good reliability. trust.
Key products:
Hydraulic multi-way control valve, hydraulic piston pump, hydraulic motor, industrial valve, hydraulic system, multifunctional test bench .
Annual capacity:
600,000 industrial directional valves, 150,000 sets of multi-way control valves, 300,000 pilot control valves, 200,000 high-pressure piston pumps, 100,000 travelling and swing motors, and various hydraulic systems.