Hydraulic cylinder manufacturing base
Source: Hengli Time: 2017-10-28 Read:3900

Started as Hengli High Pressure Oil Cylinder Co., Ltd in 2005 with The company's predecessor was Hengli Oil Cylinder, which was established in 2005. With an area of 290,000 square meters, it is the largest hydraulic cylinder manufacturing plant in the world. Hengli has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders for 27 years. During the step by step company growth, more and more advanced professional production equipment is invested and a world's leading hydraulic cylinder R&D center is established here. During technical communication every single detail from the customer requirement is thoroughly comprehended and discussed based on the rich product design and production process experience; during manufacturing quality systems and industry standards in the production process is strictly followed. No matter in various industries such as engineering machinery, marine ships, port machinery, cement, metallurgy, energy technology and large special equipment, Hengli provides various special size cylinder design solutions, adopting leading surface anti-corrosion treatment technology, displacement sensing and the highest 100HZ (Hertz) high-frequency response servo control and other additional functions, while completing the excellent design solution, provide customers with comprehensive and high-quality integrated services.
Key product: excavator cylinder, customized cylinder, thermal spraying anti-corrosion solution, cold-drawn seamless tube
Annual capacity: 720,000 excavator cylinders, 150,000 customized cylinders, 60,000 cold-drawn Seamless tubes, 3,000 Ceramic rods.