7 Prizes, Tremendous Achievement! Hengli Won the 1st Place in Industrials Sector of "II Asia 2020"!
Source: Hengli Time: 2020-08-03 Read:1163

Recently, Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic Co. competed with 1,472 listed Asian companies in "II Asia 2020", and won 7 prizes altogether, including "Most Honored Company", "Best CEO" and "Best CFO". These prizes not only mean tremendous achievement, but also enhance Hengli's popularity and reputation in the global capital market.  

 What about the actual value of these prizes?

"II Asia" is a professional and authoritative evaluation for listed companies and financial institutions of in Asia, initiated by Institutional Investor (II for short). It may be reckoned as “Oscar” in the industry.
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Competing with many other excellent companies, 7 prizes obtained
In 2020, 1,472 listed companies nominated across 18 sectors in all Asian countries (ex-Japan) were rated on 19 core areas by a total of 1,921 buy-side individuals and 611 sell-side analysts.
And Hengli stood out in industrial sector relying on impressive performance and strength, obtaining 7 prizes, including "Most Honored Company". Among other sectors, the winners are Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (Taiwan) of Technology/Semiconductors sector, bilibili in Internet sector, Sunny Optical Technology in Technology/Hardware sector, Geely Automobile Holdings in Autos & Auto Parts sector. The same title shared with all the outstanding companies from various industrial sectors has witnessed Hengli’s competence and popularity.
Acting in good faith with win-win cooperation
From ranking 150th in 2019 to No.1 in 2020, Hengli has created many glories and splendors through its own efforts. Of course, these achievements are also inseparable from the support and recognition from Hengli's global investors.
Persisting in belief of acting in good faith, Hengli has been promoting development relying on a favorable image in the capital market. Apart from making intensive efforts for main business, Hengli has always been creating wealth for the capital market, thereby forming the virtuous cycle and bringing the company and major shareholders considerable returns from the capital market.