Hengli Hydraulic Successfully Delivered the Cylinder for Seawater Desalination
Source: Hengli Time: 2016-12-19 Read:3083

Recently, Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic Co., Ltd. and Yanshan University jointly designed and developed desalination plant with a composite water tank to complete the assembly, successfully passed the functional testing, delivery to customers. The composite water tank is in integrated parallel design, cylinder head and the bottom of the cylinder through the integration of two sets of special design of the inlet valve and drain valve, respectively, to control the orderly access to seawater and concentrated water. The Cylinder shape with simple structure is conducive to the installation of equipment.
Unlike conventional cylinders, the composite seawater requires a very high degree of corrosion resistance. In order to meet the cylinder high frequency (24 hours) continuous operation, the piston rod surface and the cylinder bore are APS (plasma spray) oxide ceramic coating, greatly improving the wear and corrosion resistance of the cylinder. Hengli hydraulic pressure for the marine industry, high corrosion environment, introduced the most advanced domestic thermal spraying and honing equipment production line, spraying the work piece size: the largest diameter of 1 meter, the maximum length of 23 meters, the maximum weight of 50 tons; can be APS plasma spraying, HVOF supersonic spray, and laser cladding process. All-imported honing machines are equipped with on-line measuring instruments to ensure accurate measurement and honing of the surface quality. Also, to ensure the accuracy of the quality of production testing process, Hengli equipped the leading testing laboratories of the industry.
In addition, to ensure the performance of the cylinder seal, running speed and frequency, the cylinder also uses a special sealing structure and sealing material. Meanwhile, sealing materials need to meet the FDA certification (food grade) requirements to ensure there’s no pollution in the water, and reach the requirements of drinking grade. Composite sea water tank as a new technology product plays a very important role in human daily life in the future.