A letter of thanks from “SEWOL” Salvage Project Team
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“SEWOL” vessel successfully salvaged

Our project team send messages from salvage site in South Korea that “SEWOL” vessel had been successfully salvaged at midnight of Mar 23th. The electric-hydraulic system which used for the salvage is developed by Shanghai Lixin Co.,ltd, it works smoothly and reliably to support on the whole process.
Shanghai Lixin hydraulic Co.,ltd was selected as electric-hydraulic system supplier, thanks for their on-time delivery, superior product performance and excellent service which supported us proceeding salvage task successfully. Thanks for Lixin’s great support and especially appreciate Hengli high management teams’s  full support. Best wishes to Hengli and Lixin!
From: Hydraulic-electronic system design team for “SEWOL” salvage project
And Shanghai Tongxin Electromechanical Technology Co.,ltd
March 24th 2017
Project introduction:
The sea condition of “SEWOL” salvage vessel is very complicated and uncertain, meanwhile request for keeping original sinking 90 degrees towards left side. Therefore the salvage is extremely difficult and need to lift slowly. To maintain the low speed lifting process, hydraulic control valves need to be low-power consumption, zero leakage and extreme reliable. All these requirement bring great challege to the control valves.
Totally 70 sets more valve stations required for the whole lifting system, each valve station integrated a proportional relief valve which is high performance tailor made product by Lixin. In order to catch up with the best sea condition, Lixin has only one month to design and produce the electric-hydraulic control system, and most critical thing is all these works need to be during spring festival. Hengli high management team kept focusing on this project, a project team was found in a short time to develop and produce the system, to guarentee no delay and failure happen.
Finally, taking the advantage of 50 years experiences and several times for states-funded research projects, and countless marine&offshore projects, Lixin successfully deliver the whole system on time and quality. This successful application of hydraulic-electric control station and proportional valves for the salvage is a historic step for Hengli’s international market developing.

Lifting system layout

Valve station

Thanks for pictures from Shanghai salvage bureau and Shanghai Tongxin salvage project team.