The Heart of Shield Machine by Hengli
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The 21st century is the golden age for underground space development, with the deepening of the urbanization,  the technology in traffic tunnel, urban subway, underground pipes, coal mines, water diversion projects and other infrastructure projects upgrades rapidly, especially the improving level in development in shield machine , speeding up the process of the development of underground space.
In 2003, Hengli use its own accumulated technical advantages in the field of hydraulic cylinders, started the research and development in high-pressure cylinder of shield machine. In 2006, Hengli and Komatsu reached a long-term supporting cooperation, after then, Hengli became the first company to do the batch supporting works in shield machine cylinder. Today, Hengli has fully mastered the research and development, production, testing related core technology of high pressure cylinder in the earth pressure balance, mud pressure, mixed type, shaped, hard rock TBM and other types of shield machine cylinder and established a perfect management and quality control process system for the manufacturing. Hengli has provided nearly more than 800 sets of shield machine cylinders to all around the world, the global market share has already reached more than 60%, Hengli is also recognized as the leader brand in shield machine cylinder industry. Such as the world’s first dual-mode coal mine slanting TBM, the first large-diameter open TBM in using in Jilin Zhisong Diversion Project, northwest subway line tunnel project TBM in Sydney, Australia, mud-type shield machine(cutter diameter 17.45 meters) of the tunnel project Seattle, United States, the world’s first large-scale, horseshoe-shaped shield “MengHua”, the largest diameter composite earth pressure balance shield machine “QiLin”, the world’s largest TBM rock shield machine (cutter diameter 14.44 meters) of Canada Niagara River water project and so on, all the hydraulic cylinders used in these “world’s most” shield machines are all from Hengli group.

Main thrust cylinders for Komatsu® TBM, 2006

Production line for TBM main thrust cylinder, 2006

Shield cylinder side load test bench developed by HengliThe first batch of TBM gripper cylinders,2012

Shield machine is called the country’s heavy power, and hydraulic system is its “heart”. Manufacturing shield machine is difficult, however, the research and development of hydraulic system which is used in shield machine is more critical, to solve this difficulty, it is inseparable to make the breakthrough in core components. Hengli as a leader in hydraulic industry of CHINA, consciously take the responsibility to build the strong “heart” of CHINA. In 2012, for solving the blank of basic materials in development of domestic hydraulic pump valve components, Hengli introduced a full set of casting equipment from Germany, and invited many experts from Germany and Japan, established a first high-precision hydraulic casting large-scale manufacturing base in CHINA. At the same time, research and development, manufacturing the efficient, reliable, energy-saving hydraulic valve products can help to solve the industry problems that the core components of shield machine which rely on imports.
The process of solving the problem is painful. After captured a series problems in structures, materials, manufacturing and other technical problems, in early 2016, Hengli hydraulic valve products can work stable and mature in the performance, some of the performance even beyond the similar products of big foreign brands. After using small batches in some shield factories, these “heart” components withstood the test of harsh working conditions, operated smoothly, and got the highly appraisal from the host of shield machine factories and end customers. Currently, Hengli HP3 series of hydraulic pump has been more than 1,000 orders, for the customization of the shield for the development of hydraulic control valve and valve group nearly 10,000. Hengli is now able to develop and produce 90% of the various types of hydraulic valves using in shield machines, fully replace the similar products of imported brands.
During the visit, the industry experts praised the full set of hydraulic system manufacturing and testing equipment, the excellent manufacturing management process, the clean manufacturing environment and the constant development of the hydraulic system in the hydraulic system of the Hengli Hydraulic System Division.
At the end of 2016, Hengli with excellent shield hydraulic system customization solutions, as well as Hengli production of hydraulic components of the good match and stable supply cycle, and a well-known domestic shield machine manufacturers reached a long-term cooperation. In this group of shield machine hydraulic system, whether it is hydraulic cylinders, or hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and other core high-end hydraulic components are independent research and development by Hengli. At this point, Hengli really opened the new era of Chinese independent shield hydraulic system application.
From the hydraulic cylinder to the other hydraulic components like pumps and valves, and then to the integrated hydraulic system solutions, Hengli have been following the strategy step by step as planned. In the future, Hengli will continue to develop technology, break the barriers by accumulating of core competitive advantage, and to be the world-class hydraulic components and system supplier.

Shield dedicated piston pump

Experts visit

Shield Machine Hydraulic System