Through All The Hardships, Betha Completed The Sr99 Tunneling
Source: Hengli Time: 2017-04-14 Read:3486

Seattle time on April 4, one of the world’s largest earth pressure balance shield, the Betha shield with 17.45m diameter, finally completed the SR99 tunneling. Since the beginning of July 2013, the Betha Shield has been through the hardships and success in connection near the center of Seattle!

Betha success in connection

Betha completed the assembly, 2012.12

Betha shield machine developed by the Hitachi Shipyard, the full set of high-pressure cylinders are from Hengli! May 2012, Hengli completed the delivery of the full set of high-pressure cylinder for Betha; at the end of 2012, Betha completed the assembly and began to send to the destination Seattle, America. Around these four and a half years, as long as the Betha experienced thousands of hardships, Hengli, its full set of cylinder products have never been a trace of error; even buried in the ground for about two years, the cylinder has never been corrosion, or any aging problems.
The high quality products are inseparable with Hengli high requirements in production. Hengli through its own research and development, to solve the various types of shield cylinder in the structural design, sealing form, parts and many other problems. In order to simulate the construction site of mine shield industry, Hengli developed the domestic cylinder partial load test rig and established a perfect development and test management process.

Bertha in the domestic cylinder partial load test rig

Bertha completed the Painting

Cylinders for Betha are ready to ship

Nowadays, the global market share of Hengli is more than 60%, and has become a world well-known brand in researching, developing and manufacturing in shield hydraulic machine.In the future, Hengli will use its leading equipment and technology, excellent production management, to accumulate the core competitive advantage and to create the integrated service brand in tunnel tunneling equipment for hydraulic transmission and control system.