InLine Hydraulik of Hengli Hydraulic: A trip to “Lange Nacht Der Industrie”
Source: Hengli Time: 2018-05-18 Read:2737

InLine Hydraulik of Hengli Hydraulic: A trip to “Lange Nacht Der Industrie”
On May 16th, HAWE InLine Hydraulik GmbH, a member of the Hengli Hydraulic group, attended the annually Berlin event named “Lange Nacht Der Industrie” together with many famous companies. This event was initiated by Technical University of Berlin (official name German: Technische Universität Berlin, known as TU Berlin) and HAWE InLine Hydraulik GmbH is once again selected for it. With the long historical and cultural richness and technical innovation capability, HAWE InLine Hydraulik GmbH has drawn much attention of the TU Berlin students during the event.


TU Berlin is the only technical university in Berlin and it is also the first industrial university in Germany and one of the world’s top universities of science and technology. TU Berlin has a strong scientific research capability with special emphasis on placing theoretical research and application research in a position of equal importance. The earliest origins of this university can be traced back to the mining college founded in 1770. Since more than 200 years, it has turned out many pioneers both in academia and industry. The School of Mechanical Engineering of TU Berlin has a major in Fluid Mechanics and has trained a large number of talents for Germany and the world. The recruits will join InLine’s R&D department and become the treasure and support for the company’s R&D team.


Participating in the recruitment activity of the TU Berlin is not only the need for Hengli Hydraulic to strengthen the overseas localization of the talent demand, but also is in accordance with the international development targets of Hengli Hydraulic. More and more talents joining Hengli Hydraulic not only reflects the status of Hengli Hydraulic in the international market, but also shows the results of the company’s strategy of seeking for talents.


The hydraulic industry is changing rapidly, digital hydraulic, as a revolutionary subversion and innovation technology, is a typical combination of smart hardware, Internet and Industry 4.0 technology. Hengli Hydraulic believes that these young talents will boost this revolution and lay the foundation for the digitalization of industrial manufacturing and the intelligent development of hydraulic components.