First batch hydraulic cylinders delivery for the photothermal project in Dubai
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SINO-UAE cooperation project for the Belt and Road Initiative
Giant Photothermal Power Station Project in Dubai
Three 200 MW parabolic trough CSP units
Tough environment features in high temperature, high humidity and dust storm
12,780 hydraulic cylinders

23rd May 2019, Hengli Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Base: Accompanied by Mr. Xu Jin, Board Member and Marketing Director of Hengli Hydraulic, Mr. Manuel Martin, business owner representative of the 3* 200 MW parabolic trough CSP project together with Mr. Zhu Wei and Ms. Gu Haixin, General Manager and Deputy General Manager of Thermal Focus(Beijing), have successfully conducted the acceptance of hydraulic cylinders for the solar tracking system and  participated in the off-line ceremony of the first batch of 424 hydraulic cylinders.。
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Giant project background introduction

On  19th  July, 2017, during his state visit to the United Arab Emirates, General Secretary Xi Jinping witnessed the signing of the world’s largest and most advanced solar thermal power station: the 700MW solar thermal power generation project in Dubai Maktoum Solar Park. The total capacity of the project is 950MW, including one 100MW molten salt tower, three 200MW trough type solar thermal power stations and one 250MW photovoltaic power station. It is the world’s largest solar thermal photovoltaic hybrid power generation project features in
·World’s largest cost investment for single hybrid CSP/PV IPP project: USD 4.4 billion
·World’s largest capacity of a single hybrid CSP/PV project: 950MW (700MW CSP+250MW PV)
·World’s largest footprint of a single hybrid CSP/PV project: 44 square kilometers (equivalent to 6162 standard football fields)
·World’s largest molten salt consumption of a single hybrid CSP/PV project: 550,000 tons, equivalent to half of China’s annual production capacity
·World’s highest tower for CSP/PV project: 260 m
·World’s largest commercial aperture diameter width for CSP/PV project: 8.2 m
·Most competitive level of electricity price: 7.3 USD cents / kWh

1-9.jpg1-6.jpgAs a leading company focusing on the trough-type solar thermal power generation tracking system, Thermal Focus (Beijing) shows great confidence in Hengli as a partner. After the Hengli cylinder base factory tour, Mr. Manuel Martin, representative from Abengoa (Spain), expressed that with the manufacturing capability, Hengli is fully capable of accomplishing the solar project in Dubai. Also he is looking forward to further communication and cooperation opportunities among Abengoa, Thermal Focus and Hengli in fields of global water conservancy, energy and infrastructure.
Science and technology is now changing the world. With the continuous implementation of Belt and Road Initiative, the development of infrastructure-related industries in overseas markets has ushered in rapid development. Hengli, as a leading hydraulic company, will catch this chance to explore more innovative business and continuously focus on science and technology innovation to make contribute to the hydraulic industry.