Successful pilot run of Hengli’s second casting plant
Source: Hengli Time: 2019-06-11 Read:3877

The new production line in the second casting plant of Hengli Hydraulic Casting Branch Company successfully completed the first tapping and pouring with Tokyu molding line on June 10. Chairman Wang Liping, General Manager Qiu Yongning and leaders of each department attended the ceremony.
In the morning on that day Chairman Wang Liping pushed the start button, No.3 induction furnace rose slowly, the first molten iron runned off through the tapping hole smoothly. Then pouring process was completed successfully with Tokyu molding line. The high precision casting production line in the second casting plant of Hengli Hydraulic Casting Branch Company officially entered into the stage of pilot run. The second production line, KW molding line from Germany, is estimated to be put into operation at the end of this year.

Leading project in second casting plant

Stereoscopic casting

The regular concept of whole production line on the ground is broken and a stereoscopic plant production system with transportation underground, on the ground and over the ground is created. Limited space is made full use of and production efficiency is improved. 

 Advanced equipment

 After the completion of the building of second casting plant it will be equipped with one Tokyu flaskless molding and pouring line from Japan, one KW flask molding and pouring line from Germany, three Inductotherm double-furnace-type medium frequency furnaces from the USA, Eirich sand mixer from Germany, GK vibratory shaking machine from the USA, DT shot blasting machine from Danmark, Laempe core shooting machine from Germany, Linde stereoscopic sand core storehouse transport system from Germany, OCC AGV system from Germany for automatic transport of molten iron, Hidea automatic material return system etc. 2/3 manpower is saved compared with regular production line of the same scale and production efficiency is improved by 25% at the same time. An annual capacity of 35,000 Tons casting parts will be realized.  
 Intelligent cloud management & control   

 Integrated intelligent management & control is applied in second casting plant, realizing real time monitoring and on-line follow up of production data, cloud storage and analysis&management. Resources are scientifically allocated, AI parameters are automatically adjusted and energy utilization rate is improved by 15%. Seamless integration of intelligent production and logistics can be realized.
Intensive factory land utilization, intelligentized production and waste recycling are realized in Hengli casting intelligent factory. High-end intelligent core manufacture equipment and informationized software system are applied, providing integrated solution of collaborative design, flexible customization and intelligent production for high precision casting, leading the improvement of production level in casting industry.