Vgmax: 130x2 cc/rev , 180x2 cc/rev

More suitable for mobile machinery like excavators , cranes ,drilling rigs and so on.

  • Variable axial piston double pump design for the open circuit.
  • Various controllers available: hydraulic and electrical control design available, which can combined the different controllers of flow control, pressure control and power control.
  • High working pressure ( 380 bar ) and long lifetime
  • High efficiency, excellent self-priming performance
  • 1 inlet and 2 outlets
  • Special pump housing structure design meets the low noise requirements.
  • More suitable for mobile machinery like excavators, cranes, drilling rigs and so on.
Size V90N130 V90N180
Displacement(cc/rev) 130×2 180×2
Speed Rated speed (rpm)*2 2200 2100
Maximum speed (rpm)*2 2500 2400
Minimum speed (rpm) 600 600
Pressure Rated pressure (bar) 380 380
Maximum pressure (bar) 420 420
Maximum torque (N.m) @Vgmax and Δp=380bar 786 1120
Case volume (L) 2.8 3.4
Suction port pressure (abs bar) 0.7~2
Drain pressure (bar) 1
Max. drain pressure (bar) 3
Mass (Kg) 166 174
Temperature range (℃) -20~95
Hydraulic fluid viscosity range (mm2/s) 10~1000*3 (optimum viscosity range 16~36)
1 Steady state suction pressure should be 0 bar and above (at normal condition); 2 If suction pressure less than 0 bar, Boost pressure should be required; 3 In case of 200-1000mm2/s, please allow system to warm up before using machine.

V90N Axial Piston Variable Pump Sample

V90N variable axial piston double pump is designed for the high pressure open circuit.


V90N Axial Piston Variable Pump Brochure

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