Fixed Displacement Motor

Max displacement:27.4-180 cc/rev

Application for high pressure open and closed circuit.

  • Swashplate type piston motor, integrated with mechanical brake, relief valve, charge valve and anti-reaction valve;
  • Compact structure design with the motor’s rotating group, integral mechanical brake element and the attached valve options are neatly packaged together.
  • Special design of the mounting flange, can be directly connected with the reducer.
  • Based on the mature technology, weight is less, the structure is more compact and the output power is improved significantly.
  • Applied in the rotation condition of excavators and drilling rigs.
Feature HM5X 027 HM5X 130 HM5X 180
Max displacement (cc/rev) 27.4 129.2 149/169/180
Direction of rotation Clockwise, Counter clockwise
Rotation speed Max (rpm) 1590 1850 1680
Pressure Rated (bar) 206 324 324
Max (bar) 250 392 392
Torque Rated output torque (N·m) 101 670 932
MAX. brake torque (N·m) 101 843 1250
Rated output power (Kw) 17 101 163
Barking Pilot Pressure Normal (bar) 15 34 34
Max (bar) 39 49 49
Casting pressure Rated (bar) 1 2 2
Max (bar) 3 6 6
Reduction ratio 20.07
Weight (Kg) 50 (Containing Reduction gear) 55 61
Oil viscosity (mm2/s) 7~1600, Best range:12~80
Oil Temperature (℃) -40~100, Best range:60~85
Oil Cleanliness ISO 4406 22/18/13
When the viscosity is within 200~1000mm2/s, need to preheat before formal running.

HM5X Series Axial Piston Fixed Displacement Motor

HM5X series swashplate axial piston motor is fixed displacement motor, with wide application for high pressure open and closed circuit.